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Helping Hands Resource Center provides those affected by trauma and violence with the basic necessities needed to move forward and rebuild their lives. 

It is designed to bring love and compassion into the lives of those affected by abuse, trauma, homelessness, hardships, and violence.

Through awareness and education, we seek to heal trauma and end violence. Our services are available to children, women, men, and victims of any age, economic, social, religious, or ethnic group.

Helping Hands Donation Closet

At Helping Hands Resource Center, we recognize that many individuals impacted by trauma, violence, abuse, and homelessness face significant challenges in accessing basic necessities. To address this need, our humanitarian program, Helping Hands Closet, is dedicated to providing assistance with essential items.

Through Helping Hands Closet, we offer support in meeting basic needs, including but not limited to food, personal hygiene products, clothing, some diapers, and home goods.

By combining our provision of basic necessities with guidance in accessing external resources, we aim to alleviate the challenges faced by individuals affected by trauma, violence, abuse, and homelessness.

Our mission is to provide holistic support and empower our clients to rebuild their lives and move towards a brighter future beyond violence and trauma.

(Client must meet with one of our advocates for an intake.)

Go Bags for survivors.

"Go BAGS" were created to help ease a traumatic transition for domestic violence survivors and their children. They are shipped around the U.S.A, in person and given to victims within the first 6 months of their escape.

Are you a victim or survivor that has recently left your abuser in the last 6 months? (Please note "GO BAGS" are available upon request and while supplies last).

If you are interested in hosting a “Go Bag” drive to collect these items. Please email info@hhrcenter.org subject: Go bags drive.

Trauma-Informed Education and Healing Art Workshops

We are dedicated to providing trauma-informed education and healing art workshops that promote healing and well-being for individuals affected by trauma and violence. Our services include:

  • Counseling and Support: Our center offers counseling services aimed at providing emotional support, guidance, and effective tools for individuals to heal from trauma and violence.

  • Trauma Education Program: Our program is designed to provide individuals and families with valuable knowledge and resources to strengthen their overall well-being. We offer individual and family sessions, equipping our clients with insights and strategies to navigate their healing journey.

  • Healing Art Workshops: In addition to counseling and education, we harness the power of art as a healing tool. Our healing art workshops provide a creative outlet for individuals to express themselves, process their emotions, and find healing and empowerment.

  • Domestic Violence Education Course: Our trauma informed 10-class course is designed to help a victim and/or survivor walk through every step needed to break the cycle. The survivor gains an understanding of the deep roots that trauma leaves in our lives when we are involved in toxic relationships.

By offering trauma-informed education and engaging in healing art workshops, we strive to create a supportive environment that fosters healing, growth, and resilience. Our aim is to empower individuals to overcome the effects of trauma and violence, facilitating their path towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

  • Session can be done in person or online via Zoom

Our partnership with Nurturing Lives enables us to provide a variety of specialized programs and approaches to further support individuals in their healing journey. These include:

  • Parenting Classes: We offer a 10-week parenting education program to support individuals with effective parenting techniques, communication skills, and strategies to create a nurturing and safe environment for their children, breaking the cycle of violence and trauma.

  • Domestic Violence Support Groups and classes: Our center facilitates support groups specifically tailored to individuals who have experienced domestic violence. These groups provide a safe space for sharing experiences, receiving support, and learning coping mechanisms.

  • Trauma and Recovery Classes: We offer specialized classes focused on understanding and addressing trauma. These classes provide education on trauma, its effects, and tools for recovery, helping individuals navigate their healing journey.

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