Meet our team

Master’s at serving our community in a trauma informed way

Our Founder: Karen Gonzalez Torres

Karen founded Helping Hands Resource Center in 2013 as an expression of her love for others. As Karen was going through her own healing and recovery, she noticed the lack of care and compassion given to survivors.

She has innovated the way services are provided and rendered. She has requested others to extend a helping hand, become trauma informed, and give love to our hurting neighbors.

Community Liaison: Michelle Solares

Michelle has been serving selflessly since 2013. Michelle led our children's art groups and helped them process the trauma they experience through art. Michelle graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and has transition into our Community Liaison.

As a community liaison Michelle serves as a bridge between our organization, faith base settings, and the community that we serve.

Children Art Program Director: Kimberly Gomez

Kimberly has been volunteering in our children art program since 2018. She loves working with children and has dedicated her time and career to serve them and their families.  

Her primary role is to create a safe, supportive, and enriching environment where children can explore their creativity, develop artistic skills, and express themselves through various forms of art.

Coordinator: Andres Torres

Andres began serving families in crisis through the Covid-19 pandemic. He ensures that our donations are collected, organized, and distributed.  Growing up in the foster care system motivated him to help hurting families in their time of need and continues to find innovative ways to serve his community.  

Donation Room Coordinator/Photographer: Karen Washington

 Karen has a compassionate and giving heart. She helps our clients with their needs in our donation closet by aiding them with the basic necessities for their daily life.

Karen also helps support our participants in our life groups and is our exclusive event photographer. We are thankful for her love and dedication.

Community Ambassador and Sponsor: Eloisa Jacobo

Eloisa has supported our organization since 2018. She became our community ambassador in 2023. Eloisa attends community events, meetings, and gatherings to connect with community members, listen to their concerns, and gather feedback. She serves as a point of contact, providing information, resources, and support to community members.

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