"Let us be the helping hands this world needs"

Helping Hands Partners

Robert and Irene Merlos are our  Warrior Angels that contribute to HHRC.

Sponsors of our adult and children healing art program. 

Helping Hands Angels 2021

Diana Navarrete

Monique Rodriguez

Zeidi Martinez

Mona Lisa Espinoza

Sara Cimino

Roxanne Yellowstone-Jared

Cathy Salser

Laura Mendoza

Torres Family

Merlos Family

Trinity Church stand with our mission and vision and are in partnership with us.

Hope Chapel have been our supporters from the beginning and donate our office and use of facility.

 CEC Church Partner and sponsor of our humanitarian services.

The Purple Event 2022

2021 Purple Conversations

Throughout the month of October our founder and friends have come together to start these crucial purple conversations in our communities, while raising funds for our organization. A special thank you these sponsors for their contributions. 

  • Jasmin Rodriguez
  • Michelle Schoser Davis
  • Danielle June
  • Raquel Perez
  • Ana Ferrer Jenkins
  • Keifer Jenkins
  • Harlean Carpenter
  • Sara Cimino
  • Robert & Irene Merlos

2020 Purple Event Sponsors

2019  Purple Event Sponsors

Our newest sponsor that have had drives for our donation closet and sponsored our back to school back packs and supplies.

3 Cadettes Jade, Nicole, and Livia  from Girl Scouts Troop 1386 raised funds to remodel our office. It was a beautiful gift and expression of their leadership. 

Sponsor of our Our Purple Event.

IZEK has been extending support in various ways from Co-Hosting events, performing, and fundraising. We are grateful for his heart and compassion. 

KRAVGIRL TACTICS Sponsor of our Purple Event.

Sponsor of our Our Purple Event.

Sponsor of our Our Purple Event.
Sponsor of our Our Purple Event.

Ronnie Robles is an incredible artist. For the past for years he has been supporting our mission and events.

Past Sponsors  

Crossfit 90 Hosted a Women's Seminar Fundraiser for our organization.

Coach Alfredo Munoz has been a sponsors for our drives and has adopted families for the holidays.

Hosted a Mother's Day Tea. A portion of proceeds was donated to our cause.

Pops Creamery supports our organization with Event sponsorship and drive donations.

2018 Purple Event 
Pops Creamery 
Face painting by Ade Ken
Priscilla Estrada- Crossfit 90
Alfredo Munoz- CM Consultations
Joel and Fay Epps- We love essential oils
Carlos and Laila Gonzalez
Teniecka Drake
Hope Chapel of the valley Church
Trinity Church
Cathy Salser
A touch from God Ministries
Diana Olarte- FES and World one insurance
Ed and Suzanne Hendley
Lexico Fashion
Raniah Shasanmi
Charms of Hope
Ronnie Robles
Salguero Family- Unmatched lighting INC
Susan Sharp
Lou Muscate
Rodriguez Family
Pam Cano
Kimberly Gomez
Martha Romero

2017 Purple Event

Merlos Family

Lolli Family

Bumstead Family

Ed & Suzanne Hendley

Carlos & Laila Gonzalez

Leslie Leon

Alfredo Casillas

Lou Muscate

Julie Garcia

Greg Mead 

Jeff T

Blanca Maldonado

Elena Olarte

Pops Creamery

Past Supporters

Gonzalez Family
Martha Romero
Elena Olarte
Blanca Maldonado
Cathy Salser
Legacy Family Church- Pastor Jesse
Joel and Fay Epps 
Lou Muscate
Ed & Suzzane Hendley
Julie Garcia 
Sigal Zoldan
Salguero Family
Eric Hunter
Ronnie Robles
Hope Chapel of the Valley 
Trinity Church
CEC Church 
Calvary Chapel 
Red Lipstick Studio
Cute by Bupi
Lolli Family
Tarzana Treatment Centers
Franchesca Esker/ Lexico Fashion Co
Daniel and Sonia Trinidad
Janet Cano Insurance
Melissa and Chad Bumstead
Gayle Stark
Rocio P
Abril Parra and Family
Option for Youth Northridge
William Banuelos and Terry
Carol MM
Elvira Zamora
Trinity Church
Andrea Rodriguez
Nessa's Pastries